We Have Lost Sight Of The Necessary Situation In Health Care.

Public HealthSugary drinks, fatty snacks and chocolate candy are becoming tougher to buy in Kentucky schools, that are paying more attention to well being points, in response to the latest survey by the federal Centers for Illness Management and Prevention. Now more than ever before we need to advocate for our patients, ourselves and the health standing of our nation. H.R. 1651 The National Nurse Act of 2017 Introduced Twelve years later the laws that grew from that grass roots effort known as H.R. 1651 The National Nurse Act of 2017 was reintroduced to the 2017 Congress. We need to stand robust collectively in a bipartisan effort to ensure Americans proceed to obtain the easiest health care. Please join us in your support for a National Nurse for Public Health to strengthen the voice of nurses and protect public well being within the U.S.

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