Some of the online stores that sells home gym equipment

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has not left as there are still restrictions in place in various countries of the world. One of the advice from health experts is to maintain health and wellness while stuck through exercises.

Most of these exercises are performed with the aid of equipment that is sold in most online stores. But the question remains, how can you identify the best fitness shops online to buy these machines?

The below, however are some of the online stores that sells a wide range of home gym equipment that you would want to place your order from:



Technogym is an internationally recognised home equipment store that offers home equipment such as treadmills, bikes, elliptical, rower, strength like the multifunctional bench, multigym, free weights, kettlebells, hexagon dumbbells, bike weights, wellness weight, wellness rack, bumper plates, fitness bar, adjustable bench, kinesis personal, etc. Technogym also offers delivery services.


Exigo UK

Exigo UK offers customers an array of gym tools like strength equipment such as selectorized, plate loaded, racks and squat stands, Olympic and training stations and other equipment like boxing, cardio, functional rigs and accessories like dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, Olympic bars and collars, Olympic plates and discs, cable attachments, exercise balls, etc. Before placing an order for any of the home gym equipment offered by Exigo UK, it is best you read honest reviews dropped for the company on to know if they have a good track record or not as well as if they would deliver your order on time.


Global Fitness

Global Fitness is a company that provides gym equipment for cardio such as exercise bikes, incline trainers, indoor cycling bikes, lateral trainers, spinner bikes, steppers and step mills, UBE ergometers, etc. The company also offers strength equipment like gym mats, gym weights and plates, dumbbell, cable crossover machines, weight benches, etc.



Gymsource is a company that for many years has been providing instruments for exercise for various purposes like treadmills, exercise bikes, upright bikes, elliptical and cross trainers, indoor cycles, rowing machines and more for cardio, dumbbells, benches, multi gyms for strength, rowers and many more depending on your preference.



Amazon is an online marketplace that has been supplying customers with products for years. Their home equipment includes TRX go suspension trainer system, Yoga accessories none bar, Azurelife exercise core sliders, life power wheel, Zensufu ankle weights, Theraband resistance band loop set, JFIT dumbbell art, Bowflex select tech adjustable weight, Amazon basics Vinyl coated cast iron kettlebell weight, SPRI Xertube resistance bands, etc.


Payflex provides household tools that can be purchased on their Payflex store directory. These tools include dumbbells, such as Vinyl, Rebel hexagonal, Yoga/ exercise mats, kettlebells l, foam rollers, resistance and kinetic bands treadmills, full-body workouts, like home gym powerline, the power tower profit speed rope, relloflex extreme exercises, etc. Weight/strength training, exercise bikes and many others.



Decathlon is a sports retail store that offers a wide range of equipment for bodybuilding such as reinforced flat/incline weight bench, weight training dumbbells, 500 fold-down/include weight bench, strength training pull up bar, weight training lumbar belt polyester, weight training glove, etc.


There are many online home gym equipment stores that this article did not cover, but depending on your choice you would find suitable equipment in the above retail stores.