How Clen brings you maximum in getting shredded

In a short time to get rid of subcutaneous fat deposits and provide the muscles with a clear and tough relief before important competitions will help an effective fat burner – Clenbuterol , which is better known among bodybuilders as “Clen”. The oral form will be an excellent alternative for athletes who do not tolerate injections.

Benefits of the Clenbutedol pills for bodybuilding

Training on the Clenbuterol course is easier due to the nervous system. High efficiency is due to the complex effect of the drug:

  • complete burning of all subcutaneous fat accumulations occurs;

  • increased calorie consumption due to increased body temperature;

  • high-quality muscle drying occurs due to the removal of fluid from the body;

  • indicators of endurance and strength due to increased excitability increase;

  • the breakdown rate of subcutaneous fat increases due to the natural release of adrenaline;

  • muscle tissue breakdown is inhibited;

  • the work of the cardiovascular system is stimulated;

  • provides a good anabolic effect.


Dosage and side effects

The maximum allowable daily dose of Clenbuterol (Order now) in tablets  is from 120 to 140 mcg, and for women – no more than 100 mcg. The dose should be increased gradually, adding 20 mg every other day (half a tablet). The duration of the course should last no more than 14-16 days.

The reception scheme is as follows: 

  • the first day – 20 mcg;

  • second day – 20 mcg;

  • the third day – 40 mcg;

  • the fourth day – 40 mcg;

  • fifth day – 60 mcg;

  • sixth day – 60 mcg;

  • seventh day – 80 mcg and so on;

  • last day – 160 mcg.

Specialists categorically do not recommend endlessly increasing the dosage of the drug. The uncontrolled use of an overestimated dose of Clenbuterol can cause negative consequences, namely:

  • malfunctions of the heart;

  • blood pressure differences;

  • the appearance of trembling in the hands;

  • excessive sweating;

  • nausea and vomiting

  • insomnia and increased anxiety.

Clenbuterol Reviews

For the most part, buyers leave positive reviews about the drug. Athletes use it during the “drying” period and appreciate the effect that taking “maple” significantly reduces appetite – this allows you to consume less carbohydrates and quickly get rid of excess fat.