Exercises you can do at home as a woman

Exercise is important for all genders especially for women who live a sedentary lifestyle. The exercises that a woman can undergo depends on her health condition. Notwithstanding, there are various applications that can help you get the best experience of your fitness as a woman. It is best you read varying opinions about apps before considering using any of them.

The various exercises a lady can undergo are:


Single leg standing

Standing and trying to maintain your balance on a single leg helps improve the flexibility of your leg muscles, helps you fight depression and anxiety due to its ability to help you maintain your concentration. The routine is conducted by placing your entire body weight on one foot and remaining static for a few minutes.


In and breathing

For asthmatic and individuals with menstrual disorders, this exercise is vital as it is targeted at the lungs. It is conducted by stretching the arms at the shoulder level with the palms facing one another closely and forward. You can also extend the arms to the side while simultaneously breathing in until the arm makes a straight line by your shoulder level and back to the starting position and continue the routine for a few minutes. has information about various exercises to help maintain your fitness.


If your goal is to build a strong abdomen, then this particular exercise is for you. It is done by lying flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet planted to the floor while ensuring that the feet are separated. Your hands should be by the back of your head and elbows pointing outward. Then you are to move your body up at the same time with your knee and back again for a few minutes. You should visit ReviewsBird.com to learn more about crunches.

Mountain climber with the hands-on Swiss ball

This is done to make your tummy tight. The routine is done by taking a position with the arms completely straight and placed on the Swiss ball. You should maintain a straight line starting at the head down to the ankles. The target is to lift one of your feet at a time and raise it gradually by bringing the knee to the chest region and do the same for the other feet for a few minutes.

Muscle strength

This drill is done to help you build leg and waist muscle strength. It is conducted by placing stones together at a position and running a few distances and then back to the stones pick and then return and drop at the other point. This should be done continuously for a few minutes.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks helps improve your stamina and flexibility. It is done by placing the feet close together and keeping the hands by the sides while standing straight. Next, you are to jump by extending yourself and lean outward and inward continuously for a few minutes. It helps free the muscles as oxygen is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.


Assume a plank position and place your hands beneath your shoulder slightly while leaving your legs fully stretched, then gradually bring your chest close to the floor and back to your starting position. Push-ups help improve the strength of your upper body especially the triceps, shoulders, and chest while beneficial for the abdominal muscles and thighs.


Squatting helps strengthen the butts, hips, and thighs. It is done by placing your shoulder and chest pumped out with a straight back and feet separated. Then lower yourself bending your knees and simulating a kind of sitting position but without chairs continuously for a few minutes with your face looking forward.

Leg raise

One of the best exercises for the abdomen is leg raise. All you need to do is lie on your back, put your hand behind your head or underneath your waist and raise your closed legs maintaining that position for a few minutes, and slowly bring them down and up again.