Coach Henry Agallar And the Benefits of High School Athletics on Academics

Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 10:10 AM

Coach Henry Agallar recently discussed the benefits of high school athletics on academics.

RACINE, WI / April 20, 2022 / Henry Agallar is a martial arts and wrestling coach with more than 11 years of experience. Twice, he received the Racine County Wrestling Coach of the Year award.  Agallar recently discussed the unwavering benefits of high school athletics on academic performance.

“Researchers have studied high school athletics for more than 100 years,” Agallar said. “Throughout the years, the studies have shown that participation in athletics brought numerous physical and mental benefits to students. These benefits correlated directly to superior performance in academics.”

Agallar explained that high students learn valuable lessons, like how to manage time, set goals, and exceed limitations, through organized sports. These lessons are just as important in the classroom as they are on the court or field.

Mastering Time Management

Time management is critical to success in high school academics. Agallar explained high schoolers who play sports learn to manage the time needed for school, homework, practices, games, and social events. These time management skills carry with them beyond academics and throughout life.

Understanding Perceived Limitations

High school sports seasons are short, but many advancements occur in those few months. Young athletes have perceived limitations when they enter each season; however, they almost always push past those limitations to success they didn’t know they could accomplish.

Henry Agallar stated that the ability to push past perceived limits benefits them during class time too. They learn that their own choices affect their success and understand the importance of setting a goal and achieving it. Student-athletes also learn to be accountable for their actions, which helps them assess problem areas and correct them.

Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise releases endorphins in the brain that reduce pain perception and trigger positive emotions. Regular physical exercise, such as playing sports, is linked to superior self-esteem, reduced stress, fewer feelings of anxiety and depression, and improved sleep. All these benefits help kids succeed in the classroom, in athletics, and in their social lives.

Coaches Are Teachers Too

Sports coaches play significant roles in the lives of high schoolers. They are mentors driven toward leading kids to success. Athletic contests are classrooms where coaches teach high schoolers the values of respect, discipline, hard work, and dedication. These are all values that are reflected in academics too.

Coach Henry Agallar

Coach Agallar dedicates his time toward leading high school athletes to success in wrestling, martial arts, and academics. He teaches his athletes how to set goals and achieve them in sports and schooling. Agallar’s dedication to his athletes is what makes him an award-winning coach in Racine County, Wisconsin, and far beyond.