Are Porcelain Dental Veneers Right For you?

One of the first things other people notice about your appearance is your smile. Unfortunately, not everyone was born with perfect teeth. If you have broken, discolored or crooked teeth, consider undergoing a smile makeover with dental porcelain veneers Brooklyn Heights.

Why Choose Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are custom-made to fit your mouth. With veneers, you can choose the shape and color of your teeth. Veneers typically last 20 years or longer, and they create a beautiful smile that isn’t otherwise possible without years of braces and whitening procedures.

The Procedure

During your first visit, your dentist will prep your teeth and make a mold of your mouth. A small amount of enamel is removed from your natural teeth so the veneers will look natural. Your dentist sends the mold of your mouth to a dental laboratory that specializes in making custom veneers.

During your second visit, your dentist will clean your teeth and bond the veneers to your natural teeth. A special light-reactive cement is used to create a permanent bond.

Your dentist may ask to see you again in a few weeks to ensure you are both happy with the placement of your veneers. Be sure to tell your dentist if you are experiencing any pain or gum irritation.

Caring for Porcelain Veneers

Brush and floss your teeth regularly. Porcelain is stain resistant and doesn’t require much maintenance. You’ll still need to see your dentist regularly since not all of your teeth will be covered with veneers.

It’s Not Only About Appearances

Many people choose dental veneers to improve their appearance, but there are other situations where porcelain veneers make sense. Because porcelain veneers cover the surface of your teeth, they can reduce tooth sensitivity. Porcelain veneers can also strengthen damaged teeth, preventing further damage.

Are you considering porcelain dental veneers? Talk to your dentist to see if veneers are right for you!