4 Ways to Save on Home Renovations

Home renovations can be daunting tasks.  Tearing out walls to expose the inner workings of your house can leave you wondering what has been back there for years or maybe decades.  While there is little you can do about what lurks behind the scenes of an old mudroom or attic, You can ease your mind by saving some money along the way.


Labor costs can get very pricey during renovations.  Doing your own demolition saves your hired contractor time and energy, which saves you money.  Simply tearing out old drywall, pulling nails from beams, and removing rotten insulation will save hours of labor costs.  This also allows you to keep material that can be used or sold later on.

Planning your renovation will increase the efficiency of the project and your home.  While the renovation area is completely exposed, check that the area is properly insulated and if anything needs replacing.  This is the best opportunity you have to increase the energy efficiency of your home.  Simple things like replacing cracked boards, sealing cracks, and installing the appropriate rating of insulation will save money in the long run.

Stretch your dollar by making any updates or changes to your renovation area while you have the chance.  If you have old wiring or plumbing, a lack of electrical outputs, or a space that is too hot or cold, now is the time to update these components.  Minor adjustments can make major changes in the conditions of your newly renovated space.

As mentioned earlier, demolition is a great time to take stock of extra materials.  Set aside any copper, brass, aluminum, and metal.  Find a reputable scrap company like United Scrap Iron and Metal, unitedscrapironandmetal.com.  A good scrap company uses digital scales to weigh your scrap metal, including brass, copper, and aluminum and pays you a fair price.

Following these steps will alleviate a lot of the anxiety that comes with a major or minor renovation.  It will give you first-hand knowledge of what exactly is going on in the renovation area and allow the professionals to concentrate on building the space you’ve always wanted.