Taking on a fitness journey can be the best experience in your life. With it comes a lot of benefits.

Taking exercises, workouts and dieting are known to benefit your general health as well as mental health.

You may lose weight, gain well-defined biceps, or better any aspect of your health.

For whatever reason you have chosen to take on a fitness program, you must have some tips that will help you in your fitness routine.

In this piece, I shall look into some of my best tips to help your fitness routine.


Even before you get into the actual practice of fitness and working out, making a well-crafted plan is important.

A good fitness plan will cover the fitness schedule. You should find the best time for you to fit in your workouts.

Most athletes would recommend scheduling your workouts for the early mornings, but in my opinion, it doesn’t matter that much.

If you have free time in the evening rather than in the morning, you should go for it. It is the repetition and making it a routine that matters.

A good plan will also cover the types of workouts you expect to be taking during a certain period.

Different exercises are meant to benefit specific areas of your body. Squats for example are known to help define your hip area.

Specifying your workout will help you build a better plan and contribute to a successful fitness routine.

I understand that sometimes it becomes a bit tough to make and stick to a plan. If you fall under this category then you might consider working with a fitness company.

A fitness company will help you set clear plans, advise you on better dieting options, and for the most important part, follow up with you in your fitness journey.

You may have a look at fitness companies reviews to see which company bests suits you and has been recommended the most by other customers.


Everything about fitness is fun until it gets to this, dieting.

We can persevere lifting weights and taking 20 miles run but we just cannot seem to resist the urge to order a box of pizza.

For those after losing weight, you should be mindful of the calorie count in the food you eat. Remember to take your daily supplements and minerals to boost your diet.

While it is important to be careful about what we choose to eat, we should not be so closed off about our diet.

It doesn’t have to be boring. There are many different, healthy and delicious diet plans to take while on a fitness journey.

This brings me to this important topic I feel I should talk about. Alcohol intake.

How much beer is too much? While some people might say that alcohol and fitness do not go hand in hand, I beg to differ.

Enjoying a can of beer should not hinder you from taking a fitness routine.

It should only be kept a minimum but saying that it shouldn’t be taken is wrong.

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Focus and stay motivated

A huge part of a fitness routine is focusing and staying motivated each day.

Be kind to yourself. You are not going to achieve all the benefits you intend to get just from one workout session.

It is going to take a while. You have to put in the effort every day and stick to the schedule.

Surround yourself with a team of friends and family that support you, wish the best for you, and keep you motivated.

If you are taking your fitness program on your own, then be open to getting gym buddies that will help each other towards your goals.

Maintaining a positive mindset is also important. Feeding yourself with encouragement every day that it is going to turn out great in the end.

I understand that there are some days that you will not feel like working out.

It is normal and okay to feel that way. Take a break for a day or two but remember to get back to your fitness routine.

If you choose not to, it is going to be tough on you to get back to your feet again. This is where most people’s fitness journey comes to a halt.


Finally, remember to reward yourself for milestone achievements/wins.

Starting small and rewarding yourself for each progression you make will go a long way to make your fitness journey a successful one.