Cancer of the Mouth

Cancer of the Mouth

Cancer of the mouth is a scary and fast spreading form of cancer that can be physically deforming. Cancer of the mouth often requires surgical removal of the region the cancer resides in, which may mean removing portions of the jaw, tongue or cheeks. Mouth cancers tend to spread rapidly and fiercely, so these drastic surgical procedures are often required to prevent it from taking over vital areas of the body.

Some of the most famous dramatic cases of cancer of the mouth occurred in professional baseball players during the period in which chewing tobacco was popularly used by athletes. Tobacco use is responsible for some 80% of all cancer of the mouth. While it is finally realized that chewing tobacco greatly increases your chances of developing cancer of the mouth, many people don’t fully realize that smoking, cigars, pipes and even snuff also boost your risk a lot as well.

The good news is, that means if you don’t smoke or use any kind of tobacco product your odds of getting cancer of the mouth are not very good. If you do use tobacco, quitting now will go a long way in lowering your risks. Also, any kind of habit that causes irritation to your mouth may also boost your risk. If you chew tobacco or smoke, take a look at some photos of the famous athletes that had parts of their face removed due to cancer of the mouth. It’s a good motivator to help you want to quit! Hey, it worked for me.

Of course, 20% of the time cancer of the mouth happens in people that don’t smoke or use tobacco at all, so there is still some natural risk of getting the disease. Like all cancers, there is some evidence of genetic linkage, and having people in your immediate family that have had mouth cancer may mean you are at a higher risk. It is most common in men over the age of 40, and especially in those over 60. There is some evidence showing that having bad oral hygiene can boost your risk of getting cancer of the mouth. Not only will your dental hygienist stop bugging you so much, but if you floss and brush regularly you’ll also be lowering your chances of getting cancer!

If you are especially concerned about developing cancer of the mouth, talk to your doctor about it next time you go in for a physical, or visit a specialist cancer treatment centre, like Cancer Treatment Mexico. He or she will probably have some tips and insights into the disease for you that may help you prevent it, or at least settle some of your fears about it.

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